The future is here: enjoy boundless views in a VR environment. Sync with SenseTube or SenseBand and compatible apps to let your senses take control. Immerse yourself and gain access to interactive synced content through third-party apps. Explore in comfort: lightweight design and comfortable straps allow you to focus on the action at hand.

Size: 195x118x102mm

FOV: 96 degrees

Mobile OS: IOS / Android

Screen size:

Compatible screen size:4.7′-6.0′

Best screen size:5.1′-5.7′

Long sight range: 0-200m

Warranty: 6 Month Warranty

Short sight range: 0-800m

Immerse yourself with Sense Ecosystem, a revolutionary hi-tech platform providing you a holistic pleasure experience. The Sense Ecosystem includes 360° interactive adult videos, VR technology and a new generation of intimate toys.


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